Four Ways You Can Use The Disc Profile To Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Handling interviews well is extremely important if you want to have success in your career. You can't land that dream job if you don't perform professionally and impressively when you're interviewed. Fortunately, you can use Everything DiSC profiling to master your next interview. The following are four ways you can take advantage of your DiSC profile information in an interview: Get to know yourself and where you stand in comparison to others Read More 

Tips For Living With A College Roommate Who Has An Eating Disorder

If you are at your wit's end trying to understand your college roommate who has an eating disorder, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many things you can do to make both of your lives easier. While it is important for you to realize that your roommate's disease is not your problem to handle, there are some things you can do to encourage their treatment and recovery process, including each of the following tips: Read More 

2 Reasons to Consider Grief Counseling

One of the most painful and difficult experiences that you can go through is losing a loved one. However, there are a few resources out there that can help you deal with the loss and move on in a healthy manner, such as grief counseling. Listed below are two reasons to consider grief counseling after a loved one has passed away. Offers Group Counseling One of the best reasons to consider grief counseling is that group counseling sessions are available to you. Read More 

What You Can Do When You’ve Been Evicted And Think You Will Become Homeless

When you have been unable to pay your bills and have been evicted, you might be under a tremendous amount of stress. You might be starting to worry that you'll become homeless. If you have a few weeks before you have to leave your place, you can take the following steps to prepare yourself for whatever may come. Tell Everyone You Know You might feel very uncomfortable telling your friends and acquaintances that you are losing your home, as you might feel embarrassed and sure that no one can help you. Read More 

Improving Your Memory Through The Use Of Puzzles And Games

As you get older, you are likely to experience a slowing down of brain function. While you may not experience symptoms of dementia, you may have more trouble recalling memories or completing tasks. It is possible to exercise your brain in order for it to work to its potential. You can give your brain tasks that can improve memory, and give your brain the workout it craves. From crossword puzzles to logic games, when you give your brain a task to complete, this is a way to exercise your brain. Read More