What You Can Do When You’ve Been Evicted And Think You Will Become Homeless

When you have been unable to pay your bills and have been evicted, you might be under a tremendous amount of stress. You might be starting to worry that you'll become homeless. If you have a few weeks before you have to leave your place, you can take the following steps to prepare yourself for whatever may come.

Tell Everyone You Know

You might feel very uncomfortable telling your friends and acquaintances that you are losing your home, as you might feel embarrassed and sure that no one can help you. However, it is vital that you put your feelings aside; even if your friends can't take you in, they may have resources that can help you. An acquaintance might have a beach home where you can stay for a short time, or a friend might have a contact somewhere that can help you get a new job before you lose your home, which will help you earn money for a new place.

Contact Social Services

You may not know for sure, but you may be eligible for Section 8 housing, which is housing that is set aside for low-income people. Get in touch with your local social services office to find out if you are eligible for housing and other benefits. Don't assume that you are not eligible; finding out for sure might end up being one of the best decisions you ever made.

Ensure You Have Personal ID

If you do have to go to a homeless shelter after you leave your current home, be aware that they may have requirements for identification. You will have a difficult time getting new documents to prove your identity if you don't have a permanent address, so take the time to ensure that you can secure a driver's license, county identification card or birth certificate in case you need to show proof that you are the person you say you are.

Pack a Bag

One important thing to do if you find yourself homeless is to pack a bag full of essentials. Pack a change of clothes and other items that you might need on a daily basis. Keep in mind that homeless shelters typically will limit the amount of things you can bring along with you, so you might consider selling some of your belongings so that you have a little money on hand.

With the information detailed above, you can begin to prepare for your life in the future. Talk with homeless shelters in the area so that you have some idea of where you may go. Contact a business like Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities for more information.