From Slacker To Salaried: Figure Out A Career Path The Easy Way

Getting a job when you honestly do not know what you want to do can be a hard task to take on. In order to truly take an interest in your future, you need to have some sort of a plan. If you are lacking in motivation or just don't know what would offer you fulfillment, here is the path that you can forge to help you get started.

Get some counseling

If you often feel apathetic amount may things in life, you may need a little more help in understanding your personality and why this is. Being apathetic about many things can be a symptom of depression. Even if you do not have depression or another mental illness, counseling can help you to figure out your motivations and precisely why you feel certain ways. Your counselor can also be a sounding board that those in your real life may not be. Find a counselor on a sliding scale that can work with your current lack of income.

Sign on with employment agencies

Everyone needs to have a form of income to care for themselves. If you do not know what you wish to do, the best thing is to offer yourself up to do a little of everything. Temp agencies will set you up with companies that need workers to fill in their positions immediately. Some of these assignments could only last for a day or two while others have the option of lasting several months. You may discover that you like and have the talent for a particular job or skill while you are working with a temp agency, which can aid you in discovering your new job.

Take skills tests

Take a skills test if you want to find out just what your skills are and how your skills translate into the workplace. For instance, if you are good at communication and have a helpful, extroverted personality, you may be interested in working with children or with those who have disabilities. If you have a high math proficiency, you might want to start out as a teller at a bank or performing billing services for medical offices. Taking every skill test available to you will likely lead you towards discovering a little more about your own personality and just what drives you to be who you are. Once you can answer who you are and what drives you, you will have the answer to what you should do with your career. 

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